Small Business Security Remote and Automation Services

commercialapp.jpgToday, there are many remote and automation services available for an office or business, by themselves as part of a “Smart Office” or as an integral part of a larger security system. Installteam is experienced at setting up remote and automation services for you in your office, business, warehouse, retail store, or wherever you are operating your business.

Remote services mean that you can access all parts of your Smart Office features when you are away from the office through your smartphone, laptop, or tablet, and with the help of WiFi. You will be able to change your thermostat or unlock doors or potentially arm or disarm your alarm system, all remotely.

And your constellation of services, whatever they are, will be tied together under one umbrella in a meaningful way with one interface that Installteam would teach you how to use. It may be hard for you to imagine all the capability that there is for remote and automation services: window blinds, appliances, cameras, music, and Alexa, for example, can all be controlled by you conveniently and when you are not at your office.


For automation, you may want to turn on music every morning at the same time for waiting rooms or have your thermostat change settings automatically at specific hours.

Having all of these components integrated is a great convenience for a business owner. You will wonder how you managed without it before. It’s also important to note that these features are available at cost-effective prices, and they are easy to use.

Installteam is very experienced with these types of complex installations and integrations. Give us a call  and let us help you make your life a lot easier with the newest technology available for your office security remote and automation services.