Commercial Installations

Starting a new company from the ground up can be challenging at the best of times but once we decided on outsourcing our installations, repairs and back office services to Installteam things immediately got easier.  We are now connected through their Advanced Portal, which includes a complete view of all of our customers and their history – And it’s all available 24/7!  We feel that our decision to GO with Installteam will be a key component of our future success.

Go Security Systems
Steve Travers

Commercial Security & Communications Installations

Servicing Vancouver and the BC Lower Mainland

Installteam has the capacity and experience to fully equip large, multi-system buildings such as commercial warehouses and office space with security system and communications installations. Our team is accustomed to planning and implementing the entire job, installing security and communications systems and signage for multiple locations, as well as handling everything from permits and sourcing materials to device mounting and testing.

On the other end of the scale, we also have extensive experience installing the same types of systems in more straight forward, but no less important venues, such as retail spaces and restaurants. And we are the installation team for a number of well known franchises.

In both large and small business environments, we commonly install all:

  • •   low voltage wiring
  • •   intercoms
  • •   cameras
  • •   security systems
  • •   network wiring
  • •   telephone systems
  • •   televisions
  • •   speaker systems

When we partner with you, we become an efficient arm of your company, allowing you to avoid the maze of contracts, subcontracts and product orders that often complicate time sensitive projects. Installteam becomes part of the services you offer, and you tap into a network of reliable, accountable, licensed and insured installers who pride themselves in representing your company well.