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Thanks for a job very well done! Installation was very neat and tidy with complete job information provided as requested.  As always, impressed with your service!

Inforce Security Corp.
Josh Pekar

Communication System InstAllations vancouver

Everyone knows that communication is the key, no matter what business you’re in. But before you communicate, you need the right systems in place to make it happen. Systems that fit together seamlessly with each other, making it easy for your employees to connect reliably and distraction free.

Low voltage wiring for communication systems is the backbone of most businesses today. We simplify the process of installing these systems, so you can simply make one call and expect us to install everything to work seamlessly together at the outset -- complete communications systems that include intercoms, network wiring, and telephone systems.

Sourcing and contracting multiple contractors or utilities for these systems can be time consuming and complicated, particularly when it comes to scheduling and communication between independent companies with individual roles. Installteam has a full online dashboard that simplifies the entire process, making it easy for you to cut through layers of potential complications by handing everything over to us from the beginning.

Our technicians handle all service requirements when you are opening a business -- from ordering and connecting telephone lines to acquiring local permits -- and you can keep up with our installers progress with real time schedule and reports logged at the beginning and completion of each job.

Installteam is also an authorized dealer of FortiVoice -- powerful and flexible, full-feature phone systems that support both voice over IP and traditional phone lines.

We are also a Value Added Installation Partner and Advocates of Versature Hosted PBX. Versature’s Hosted PBX is a more feature-rich, affordable and flexible alternative to services provided by traditional telcos. With Versature, you’ll slash charges for long-distance calls while enjoying all the benefits of a sophisticated business phone system, with big-business phone features, no costly rewiring, low start-up fees and easy configuration.

Let Installteam handle all of your communciation system installation needs.