Custom Electronics Installations

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Custom Electronic Installation Services vancouver

There’s no such thing as a generic electronic product anymore. Everything, from your phone to your television, is feature rich and designed to be customizable in almost every way. But wading through those features to find what meets your particular needs can be a confusing process, especially when twinned with installation.

Installteam knows what questions to ask to find out what your needs are, then we match those needs with products and features that fully meet them. We then install those products with the full knowledge of how they will be used by your company or family.

Our custom electronics division installs:

Home Theatres:

There is no end to the intricacies of home theaters today. The scope of the system depends on you. From basic audio and video installation (mounting, wiring and wireless configurations) to high-end, model home calibre systems with features and peripherals that go far beyond the needs of average consumers, we are able to complete every aspect of the job.

Whole Home or Business Music Systems:

Medium to large sized companies needing to create an environment that promotes both privacy and open communication often find white or soft background noise to be an effective way of achieving this balance. We install strategic multi-speaker systems that provide a level of sound that is non-intrusive yet adds to the overall productive atmosphere of your business. Contractors and home owners who want to wire their homes for sound also come to us. As with everything we do, we are comfortable installing both modest systems and those with a long list of technical features.

We are authorized Sonos dealers, a sleek, multi-zone digital music system that allows you to control everything you listen to in one place and individually controls volume in every room.

Digital Signage:

We are authorized associates of ScreenScape, a place based digital marketing service that broadcasts your message simultaneously in each of your locations -- a type of social network for advertising. All screens are tapped into the same network, broadcasting the messages you want your customers to see, precisely when you want them to see them, increasing both sales and awareness of your products and services.

Our team is also experienced in installing the many other, more conventional forms of digital signage.