Lyric Security

We are pleased to be able to now offer the complete line of UR Fog machines in Canada! 


Add a level of security only available from a Security Fogging System... simply stated; What you can't see, you can't steal!


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Welcome to Your Connected Home

At Installteam, we know that life can be hectic and schedules unpredictable. That’s why we are offering the Honeywell Lyric security system to fit seamlessly into your active lifestyle. The Lyric’s family of products offers heat control, water leak detection, and security all with remote access capabilities through the Lyric app. The app uses geofencing technology to know when you are away from your home, so you can control your Lyric devices from anywhere. Lyric control keeps your home safer, smarter, and more enjoyable than ever.

Honeywell Lyric keypad

Lyric Wireless Family – Whole House Protection

For whole home protection, the Lyric’s Wireless Family works with sensors featuring two-way wireless technology, which enhances the effectiveness of your security system and provides complete whole house protection. The Lyric’s Wireless Family includes a smoke detector, door and window sensor, motion detector, glass-break detector, siren, and two-way wireless key to keep your home safe and secure.

Voice Control

The Lyric Controller can respond to simple voice commands, allowing you to enjoy convenient hands-free home control. Voice commands can be as simple as telling the system to “Wake up!” which can be programmed to turn your heat up to your preferred temperature. “Bedtime” can have the system set your home alarm, turn off the lights, lock the doors, and set the thermostats – all with one simple command!


Smart Scenes

Lyric makes it easy to keep your home on schedule. With options such as setting lights and thermostats at your preferred time and setting every day, to unlocking automatically for the babysitter at a specific time on a specific day.

Mobile Control

Turn your smartphone into a controller for your smart home – whether you are down the street or around the world. Security, thermostats, lights, locks, cameras and more can all be controlled remotely.


The Lyric controller has a built-in camera which can send your smartphone a photo whenever the system is disarmed. You can see who is entering and leaving – give yourself some peace of mind from wherever you are.


View live video on the go with Lyric. Whether just to peek at the pets, or keep a watchful eye on the kids, whatever happens in your home can be viewed remotely from your smartphone.


Lyric Keypad

The keypad enables easy, on-premises security system control. The device can be placed on the wall, or on any tabletop. Arm and disarm the system, summon emergency response, and receive system status updates from anywhere within your home.

24/7 Monitoring

Central monitoring station

Enjoy peace of mind twenty-four hours per day, and seven days per week. Trained professionals are standing by, ready to send help to your home in the event of a burglary, fire, carbon monoxide event, or other emergency. Sleep soundly knowing that Honeywell is on your side.


At Installteam, we provide contract services for the complete Honeywell Lyric system. Connect your home today for ultimate peace of mind and unparalleled home security.