Residential Security Installations

Starting a new company from the ground up can be challenging at the best of times but once we decided on outsourcing our installations, repairs and back office services to Installteam things immediately got easier.  We are now connected through their Advanced Portal, which includes a complete view of all of our customers and their history – And it’s all available 24/7!  We feel that our decision to GO with Installteam will be a key component of our future success.

Go Security Systems
Steve Travers

Security systems, Communications & custom Electronic Installations for your vancouver home

Home field advantage, wherever you are.

Opportunities to monitor and control your home environment have never been so sophisticated and flexible. Access to security and communication systems is available wherever there is an Internet connection, giving you the ability to tap into your home base whenever you need to address an issue, change a setting or check on someone.

Installteam is well versed in a wide range of residential installations (from condos and town homes to detached single family homes and vacation properties) including everything from entry level security alarms to more complex, integrated systems involving heating, lighting and locks.

If you’re a contractor looking to simplify your home security and communications installation services or a home owner who wants to make one call and have all of your systems installed and working together, we are able to streamline the process of getting you connected and securing your property.

Our installers don’t just install a system and hand the customer a manual. We keep current with each new product we install, so we are able to tap into the full compliment of features of each device. After finding out what your biggest needs are now (and what they might be in the future) we customize the settings on your device and show you how to interact with them as well.

We provide complete contract services of all major brands and have extensive understanding of remote services that are compatible with all smart phones and tablets. This includes Honeywell Total Connect, which allows you to receive alerts and view live video on your device. Everything from keeping an eye on your pet, or seeing who is at your front door, to discovering a plumbing emergency before it causes extensive damage, and remotely adjusting your home heating system, is instantly available to you.

For Residential Security Installations, Communications Installations & Custom Electronic Installations in Vancouver, contact Installteam today!