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"Chris came to my home initially to get my alarm set up and he did a wonderful job. He was helpful, polite, and gave me straightforward instructions in a very professional manner. He answered all my questions and made me sure I was comfortable with my system. I am upgrading to a wireless smoke alarm specifically due to the professional manner of Chris."

Sears HomeAlarm Customer

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Security Installations, Communication Installations & Custom Electronics

With custom installation services, we become an extension of your company, making you better through collaboration, guaranteeing the products and delivery dates you need to keep your operations running smoothly.

These services include:

  • •   the installation and servicing of intrusion alarm systems,
  • •   wireless security,
  • •   hardwired alarms and hybrid alarm systems,
  • •   remote control and notification services,
  • •   video camera security systems (IP and analog),
  • •   GSM communication conversions (upgrades from 2G to 4G for example),
  • •   scheduled maintenance and inspection,
  • •   all manner of low voltage wiring systems -- telephone and communication -- as well as cloud based video recording and archive services,
  • •   digital signage,
  • •   and all aspects of audio/video, including flat panel televisions for commercial locations and advertising programs.

With all of the above options, our installers have experience rolling out time sensitive national accounts for large companies who are opening new locations, expanding or upgrading. This is a particularly vivid example of how our company teams with you to become your experienced workforce in multiple locations, where we do everything from acquiring all local permits to sourcing materials, purchasing and installing the products you need to do business.

We represent your company throughout Canada, in the regions you do business in.

All of our services are backed up by an online scheduling dashboard, allowing the companies we work with to have a real time connection with us. This system also makes it easy for you to request new projects and keep up with long term scheduled maintenance and other ongoing needs as well as the ability to log in to an advanced customer portal.

Included in this streamlined process is a ‘total cost involved’ delivery program, where you receive one itemized bill for the entire project, eliminating paperwork and time consuming tasks involved in shipping and customs issues and multiple third party billings. All of our business processes are tailored to the protocols of your particular company as well -- we learn your requirements and follow them in all subsequent work we do with you.

Install Team also has a complete back office system and services option, attracting companies who would benefit from tapping into our ready-made order and delivery system and workforce.

Installteam's contract installation services streamline security system installation, communications installations and custom electronic installations.